Digitalisation, Innovation & Technology Adoption (DITA)


“To promote the Process Industry’s adoption of Digitalisation, Innovation and Technology so as to enhance their productivity and competitiveness”

Mr. Steven Nah


Shing Leck Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Mr. Sumiya Takeshi


Mirador Building Contractor Pte Ltd

Mr. Cheng Beng Kwang




1. SAP Business One Webinar

As more and more companies are digitising their work operations to increase productivity and streamline processes, ASPRI’s DITA Work Group partnered with Inecom, a one-stop solution provider for SAP Business One (SAP B1) ERP, to organise a webinar on 13 January. The webinar aimed to show how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Process Industry can adopt the software to improve traceability, forecasting and maximise productivity.

2. Harnessing Technology, Transforming Businesses

Following the first session in November 2020, ASPRI’s DITA Work Group organised the second session of the sharing series where ASPRI members are encouraged to come forward and share their insightful journey of implementing various digital solutions. This is to inspire fellow members to adopt and implement digital solutions in their work operation. The second session was held on 27 January with more webinars being planned in the future.

3. Knowing and Innovating with the Enhanced PDPA

In support of the Privacy Awareness Week 2021, and to help ASPRI members stay updated on the amendments to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), ASPRI has worked with the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) to organise a webinar titled, “Knowing & Innovating with the Enhanced PDPA”. The webinar, which was held on 28 May 2021, aimed to educate business owners, data protection officers (DPO) and any personnel handling personal data to understand the amendments made to the PDPA and how it relates to organisations handling personal data.

1. Digitalise Your Business for Higher Profitability Seminar

ASPRI held the seminar on 28 Feb at Ricoh Singapore newly transformed Digital Workplace. Attended by close to 30 members and guests, the seminar explored how various aspects of digitalisation could harness work processes.

2. IMDA’s Validation Workshop with ASPRI: Energy and Chemicals Industry Digital Plan (IDP) for Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM)

The need to embrace digitalisation and technology has heightened amidst COVID-19 as there is more compelling urgency for companies to reduce manpower and improve productivity to adapt to the New Norms. Jointly organised by ASPRI’s DITA Work Group and Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Infocomm Media Authority (IMDA) tailor-made a Digital Roadmap for the Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector and validated it with ASPRI members via an interactive online workshop. The sessionw as attended by 32 member companies.

3. WSH Innovation Awards 2020 – Process Industry Sector

ASPRI hosted the WSH Innovation Awards, virtually, together with the WSH Council over 2 days: 03 and 04 Aug. We saw 8 projects submission by 6 member companies. One of the participating companies, JEL Maintenance Pte Ltd, even went on to win Gold at the National Level.

4. Managing Cyber Risks in a Digital Space

As more and more companies are adopting work-from-home (WFH) arrangements, people’s dependence on technology and the Internet increases significantly. While this may be a good thing, people are also more prone to cyberattacks. To help our members increase their awareness on the various cybersecurity risks, ASPRI’s DITA Work Group partnered with the Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP) to organise a webinar on 12 October which was attended by 34 members.

5. Industrial Cybersecurity for Process Industry

In collaboration with TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd, ASPRI’s DITA Work Group organised a webinar on 13 October, aimed to provide ASPRI members with a better understanding of the cybersecurity framework that is used by the Process Industry.

6. Digitalisation Webinar with Ricoh & Huawei

With the nation slowly transiting towards Phase 3, more and more companies are adopting digitalisation to ensure smooth business operation amidst COVID-19. As such, ASPRI’s DITA Work Group partnered with SGTech on 18 November to organise a webinar involving Ricoh & Huawei, to share with ASPRI members the various ways of integrating AI and technology into their business operation.

7. iCE BioTech’s COVID-19 Prevention Solutions

As the nation slowly transits towards Phase 3 (Safe Re-Opening), more employees will inevitably be returning to their offices. To address this, ASPRI’s DITA Work Group partnered with iCE BioTech Pte Ltd to organise a webinar on 19 November to inform ASPRI members of the various solutions they can implement to keep their workplace safe.

8. Harnessing Technology, Transforming Businesses

With COVID-19, Digitalisation is no longer a matter of the future. Local Process Construction & Maintenance (PCM) companies are starting to adopt various digital tools in their everyday work to increase productivity and overcome challenges raised by the pandemic. As such, ASPRI’s DITA Work Group announced a new webinar series where ASPRI members are encouraged to come forward and share their insightful journey of implementing various digital solutions. The first session was held on 25 November with future webinars being planned for 2021.