Accident Notification: Worker hit by toppled scaffold

05 Aug 2019

Ref No.: 050819 (1)

UEN: S977SS0046G

Dear Valued ASPRI Members

Accident Notification: Worker hit by toppled scaffold

2 August 2019, Ref: 1920035

On 23 July 2019 at about 4pm, two workers were tasked with the rectification of defects located along the ceiling of a 6.5 m deep culvert drain. A mobile tower scaffold was used for the said rectification works. At about 5.40pm, while the workers were moving the scaffold up a ramp to another location on a slightly higher elevation, the scaffold toppled and fell on one of the workers. The affected worker was pronounced dead at scene by attending paramedics.

The Ministry of Manpower has commenced investigations into the accident.

Employers and contractors performing similar work activities are advised to implement suitable risk controls to protect their workers from injury while working with mobile tower scaffolds. Control measures include using only tower scaffolds that have been inspected by a scaffold supervisor and establishing a safe work method for erecting, working on and moving the scaffold. Prior to moving the scaffold, an on-site risk assessment must be carried out to ascertain the hazards posed by the terrain (e.g. uneven flooring, height restrictions, presence of obstacles). To prevent accidents, remind workers not to resort to the use of unapproved devices or improvise on the work method to get the job done no matter how good their intention. Instead, they should always use the proper equipment, adhere to the established safe work method, and raise problems encountered on-site to their supervisor.

Information on the accident is based on preliminary investigations by the Ministry of Manpower as at
30 July 2019. This may be subject to change as investigations are still on-going. Please also note that the recommendations provided here are not exhaustive and they are meant to enhance workplace safety and health so that a recurrence may be prevented. The information and recommendations provided are not to be construed as implying liability on any party nor should it be taken to encapsulate all the responsibilities and obligations under the law.