WSH Innovation Awards 2022

WSH Innovation Awards 2022 (Result)



We are pleased to announce the winners for this year’s WSH Innovation Awards. The judging session was held on 2 June 2022.

The WSH Innovation Awards is presented by the WSH Council and is supported by the Ministry of Manpower. It recognises organisations and individuals who have achieved excellence in workplace safety and health.

The winning companies have proven that despite the pandemic, they are still able to innovate and improve safety standards of our industry.
The winners are (segregated into 3 levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze):


Awarded Gold



CYC International Pte Ltd 

Project Title: Automated Tank Blasting and Painting (Simone)

Project Summary: Development and implementation of a remote operated man-less work-at-Height, blasting and painting system that enhances safety and improves efficiency and productivity.




Hai Leck Engineering (Private) Limited 

Project Title: New T-Frame Ladder Lock

Project Summary: To eliminate or minimize high risks involving tripping, falling from ladder and potential falling objects on working platforms during scaffold ladder installation and manual handling of materials at heights.





Project Title: Hydraulic TLE End Cap Remover

Project Summary: Creation of hydraulic TLE End Cap Remover is to eliminate the use of hammer at height, reduce man hours needed for TLG plug removal job completion. Worker can now be released for other jobs increasing productivity and improved the work process methodology.


Awarded Silver




Project Title: Fit to Purpose Multi-Purpose Working Table

Project Summary: Customized and tailor made Multipurpose working table for mechanical piping works.


Awarded Bronze



Balanced Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd

Project Title: iSafety & Tracking Platform

Project Summary: The iSafety & Tracking Platform is combined of the top advantages of Google Cloud on data management and the accessibility of QR Code. Through the unique QR code with Google Cloud supports, the new system allowed us to centralize, systematic control and dynamic tracking the major plant, machine , equipment and employee.




NSL OilChem Waste Management Pte Ltd

Project Title: Eagle Eye

Project Summary: Install 4 cameras at the left, right, front and back of the vehicle with live view, Global Positioning System (GPS) function and recording function storing the footage at the ‘Cloud’.





Project Title: PEC JUR (MBM) Plant Maintenance

Project Summary: Load choker installation causes stabilization of Load from any movement.




Plant General Services Pte Ltd

Project Title: Insulation Job Request

Project Summary: The use of technology and mobile devices which ease communication and insulators are exposed lesser to hot surfaces.


ASPRI would like to extend the warmest of congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to the industry’s participation next year!