Catch the WSH Council’s new TV commercial, “Shoelaces”! // Vocational Driver’s Notebook with Safe Driving Tips

Catch the WSH Council’s new TV commercial, “Shoelaces”!

To spread this year’s National WSH Campaign message “Prevent all injuries. Go home safe and healthy” to industry and public, the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council has produced a new TV commercial, titled “Shoelaces”. Inspired by a true event where a worker had his arm amputated resulting from an accident while working with machines, the commercial highlights the life-changing impact workplace accidents have on people’s lives.

Catch the WSH Council’s TV commercial on free-to-air, cable channels and cinemas. You can also view it on the WSH Council Facebook’s page here or Youtube channel here.

Share the video with your loved ones and co-workers to remind them that work injuries don’t only affect the injured worker, but also his or her family.

Vocational Driver’s Notebook with Safe Driving Tips

Jointly developed by Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, Traffic Police (TP) and Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC), the Driver’s Notebook with safe driving tips aims to heighten risk awareness and serve as constant reminders to vocational drivers while on the roads. Filled with daily safe driving tips (eg. wear your seatbelt while driving, do not drive when tired etc.), the notebook also includes a vehicle checklist and emergency numbers for drivers. The notebook was launched and distributed to about 200 participants, comprising fleet owners, safety and operations managers and road safety partners, at the RoadSense Seminar for Heavy Vehicle Community on 18 April 2016.

To download the notebook, click here.