Current Version of TraceTogether Tokes are NOT Certified Intrinsically-Safe

07 Apr 2021

Ref No: 070421 (1)
UEN: S97SS0046G

On 2 April 2021, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) informed employers that TraceTogether tokens will be issued to all migrant workers living in the dormitories and migrant workers working in the Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process sectors.

The BluePass tokens previously distributed needed a firmware upgrade to ensure interoperability with the TraceTogether app. TraceTogether tokens will therefore be distributed to BluePass users during this interim upgrading period. The TraceTogether token distribution will take place from 5 April to 25 April at Foreign Employee Dormitories Act (FEDA) dormitories, regional swab centres and collection centres located at Kranji and Terusan Recreation Centre.

Current versions of the TraceTogether tokens are not certified Intrinsically Safe (IS), hence Process plant owners and their contractors must ensure that the use of TraceTogether tokens is in compliance with the Process plant’s prevailing health and safety requirements, similar to the use of mobile phones, which are not allowed in live plant environment.

To read the full advisory prepared by Economic Development Board (EDB), please click here.

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