Easing of Restrictions on Foreign Employees’ Visits to Recreation Centres

16 Mar 2021

Ref No: 160321 (1)
UEN: S97SS0046G

From 10 March 2021, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will be easing restrictions on foreign employees’ visits to Recreation Centres (RCs). Instead of the current one exit pass a week, foreign employees will now be given three exit passes a week.

For the assigned rest day, foreign employees may apply for the Exit Pass 7 days in advance. For other days, foreign employees may only apply on the day itself. Foreign employees can use multiple Exit Passes on the same day so that they can spend a longer time at the RCs. In addition, foreign employees will be given one hour for travelling time per visit.


  • Restrictions on your foreign employees’ visits to Recreation Centres (RCs) will be eased from 10 March 2021.
  • Foreign employees will now be given three exit passes a week, instead of the current one exit pass a week.
  • Foreign employees are only allowed to go to the RCs for leisure with a valid Exit Pass. They must carry their contact tracing devices visibly at all times and at all places.
  • Foreign employees are not allowed to visit other places in the community for now. However, MOM is currently drawing up plans to allow eligible foreign employees to visit the community once a month.

For more details, please refer to MOM’s advisory. Alternatively, you may refer to this infographic by MOM.

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ASPRI Secretariat