EDB Advisory On Updated Heightened Mandatory Precautionary Measures (15 Sep 2021)

15 Sep 2021

Ref No: 150921 (1)
UEN: S97SS0046G

This advisory brings attention to the updates on Heightened Mandatory Precautionary Measures by Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), for all ships arriving at EDB / ESG-managed shipyards for repairs and at EDB / ESG-managed shipyards and process (petrochemical / petroleum) terminals for contact or contactless operations.

More details can be found in the Updated Heightened Precautionary Measures for EDB and ESG-Managed Shipyards and Process Terminals deck. The changes in the deck are reflected as “Updated on 15 Sept 2021”.

From 17 September 2021, EDB / ESG-managed shipyards and process (petrochemicals / petroleum) terminals must ensure all inbound vessels from any of the 6 Not-to-land (NTL) countries* and Indonesia fulfil all three pre-arrival criteria prior to conducting a full or segregated contactless operations: 

Pre-Arrival Criteria

  1. No crew change within the past 21 days prior to entering Singapore
  2. No shore leave or physical interaction with any overseas individuals other than their own crew within the past 21 days prior to entering Singapore
  3. No contact operations done in the past 21 days 

EDB / ESG-managed shipyards and process terminals no longer are required to obtain approval from EDB CCO for any inbound vessels conducting contactless ops (CO) or segregated contactless operations (SCO).

EDB / ESG-managed shipyards and process terminals are to submit a report of past week’s vessels which had conducted CO and SCO in their premises by the following Monday, 5:00pm. EDB / ESG-managed shipyards and process terminals are to fill in and submit this Excel template on a weekly basis. The report needs to state the vessel’s last port of call and the departure date from the last port of call, arrival date at the Port of Singapore and departure date from the Port of Singapore, and the next port of call.

Please contact EDB Central COVID-19 Operations at cco@edb.gov.sg for any clarification needed on this advisory.
*India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Myanmar.

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ASPRI Secretariat