ESG Partner Matching Platform for co-Innovation Projects

As we make our way through 2023, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) continue to sustain their commitment to expanding their networks and facilitating collaborations between Singapore enterprises and foreign companies through their Co-Innovation Programmes under the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) initiative.

ESG has launched several Co-Innovation Programmes under the GIA, which aims to support Singapore tech startups and SMEs to develop innovation capabilities. These programmes aim to support cross border R&D collaborations between Singapore-based enterprises and your foreign partners.

To support in finding like-minded partners to work with across the globe, it is our pleasure to introduce you to ESG’s new GIA b2match platform. This platform will allow you to easily connect, communicate and build purposeful partnerships with other participants all across the globe.

Register here today!

To guide you through the registration process, you may refer to the Guide to b2match slide deck.

For more information, you may email the contact person from ESG at (Attn: Gordon)