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Industrial Cybersecurity for Process Industry

13 October 2020

13 October 2020, Singapore – In collaboration with TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd, ASPRI organised a webinar titled, “Industrial Cybersecurity for the Process Industry” on Tuesday. The webinar aimed to provide ASPRI members with a better understanding of the cybersecurity framework that is used by the Process Industry.

Mr Steven Nah, Co-Lead of ASPRI’s Digitalisation, Innovation and Technology Adoption (DITA) Work Group and Treasurer of ASPRI’s 13th Executive Council, opened the webinar by highlighting the importance of cybersecurity and how the Process Industry may look to adopt new practices to ensure plant safety and security. Mr Nah then invited Ms Zhang Yiran, Cybersecurity Services Consultant of TÜV SÜD to deliver her presentation.

Ms Zhang stated that two factors – Threat Source and Threat Vector need to be present in order for a Cyber Threat to happen. Some examples of Threat Source are Malware, Equipment, Unauthorised external person (hacker). She then explained that a Threat Vector is a path or a means by which a cybercriminal gains access through one or more of six main routes into a computer system by exploiting a route vulnerability.

Ms Zhang also touched on the consequences of a cyber-attack includes, but are not limited to:

•    Endangerment of public or employee safety or health
•    Damage to the environment
•    Damage to the Equipment Under Control
•    Loss of product integrity
•    Loss of public confidence or company reputation
•    Violation of legal or regulatory requirements
•    Loss of proprietary or confidential information
•    Financial loss
•    Impact on entity, local, state, or national security

The changing landscape of technology has led  the Process Industry to use drones and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to improve autonomy and maintenance respectively. With the introduction of these technologies, the Process Industry has new challenges to face in terms of Cybersecurity.

After her presentation, ASPRI members got the opportunity to engage Ms Zhang in a Q&A session. Shortly after that, everyone participated in a photo-taking session before the webinar was finally concluded. ASPRI wishes to thank all of our members for participating and also TÜV SÜD and Ms Zhang for making this collaboration possible.


  1. Webinar recording by ASPRI


13 October 2020