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Steering Towards Safer Roads For All

7 April 2021

Jurong Island Vision Zero Forum: Steering Towards Safer Roads For All

7 April 2021, Singapore – As part of their commitment to manage process operations safely to achieve zero incidents, the Jurong Island Vision Zero (JIVZ) Group organised a virtual forum titled, “Steering Towards Safer Roads for All”. The forum, which involved four guest speakers from different organisations, discussed traffic management and safe driving on Jurong Island (JI).

Er. Lucas Ng, Chairman of JIVZ Group, commenced the forum with his opening address where he emphasised that everyone plays a part in ensuring the road safety and security of not just JI, but the nation as well. As an industry veteran, Er. Ng holds over 30 years of experience and has always been passionate about road safety. He hoped the forum could be a platform for road safety discussion.

Er. Ng introduced Mr Fabio Garagiola, Singapore Refinery Manufacturing Director of ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, to give his presentation. Mr Garagiola highlighted that work environments such as process sites and plants pose a higher risk of security due to the nature of work and machine-laden operations. In an attempt to reduce incidents, ExxonMobil imposed speed limit and special rules for high-risk vehicles such as forklifts, scissor lifts and large vehicles.

Following Mr Garagiola’s presentation, Mr Amir Rahaman, Assistant Director of JI Security Operations Division at JTC Corporation, talked about three recent JI road accidents which happened in late 2020 and early 2021. He also echoed Er. Ng’s opening address and stated that the road safety and security of JI is a shared responsibility. JTC aims to reduce future incidents by improving road conditions, installing relevant road signages, enforcing checks and patrols and more importantly, spreading public awareness through outreach and education.

To emphasise the importance of outreach and education, Mr Amir introduced Superintendent Jimmy Law, Commanding Officer of Traffic Police at Singapore Police Force. JTC and the Traffic Police has often collaborated to organise Road Safety Talks. Mr Law revealed that there are different types of talks for different target audience such as drivers, riders, heavy vehicles, seniors, children and cyclists. These talks aim to discuss Accident Statistics, Case Studies and Road Safety Advice. While concluding his presentation, Mr Law urged the attendees to reach out to the Traffic Police via spf_tp_rs_enquiry@spf.gov.sg if they are interested in future talks.

For more details, members of public could visit the following resources:

  1. https://www.police.gov.sg/advisories/traffic/road-safety-tips
  2. https://www.facebook.com/roadsense.sg

Lastly, Ms Dorcas Teo, Executive Director and Mr Harish Kumar, Group Head of Health, Safety and Environment at Nordic Group Pte Ltd revealed how the utilisation of technology allowed them to adopt safe driving practices by monitoring drivers’ road behaviour. By monitoring driving patterns such as harsh braking, acceleration, turning and speeding, they were able to identify poor driving behaviours and facilitate coaching if needed.

Mr Harish explained that this data can then be used to better schedule work and rest days to prevent drivers’ fatigue and improve route planning. A report could be generated to extrapolate the data for future planning. The system also allows for fuel usage to be monitored which will result in improved vehicle maintenance in the long run.

Aside from relying solely on the IT system, Nordic Group also adopted other measures such as adopting a strict selection process of drivers, providing drivers with a compulsory pre-health screening and sending them for refresher trainings. Mr Harish highlighted that most drivers were migrant workers and the driving cultures of Singapore and their country of origins might different greatly. This accentuates the need for trainings and safety talks to instil the importance of road safety.

Before the forum concluded, Er. Ng addressed some of the questions and concerns raised by attendees and further reiterated that everyone has a part to play in ensuring the road safety and security at JI. The forum was attended by over 150 industry partners, including plant owners and ASPRI members.


7 April 2021