First Half 2019 National WSH Statistics // Construction worksites are no longer required to register with MOM from 1 April 2019 // Industry Workshops

01 Oct 2019

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First Half 2019 National WSH Statistics // Construction worksites are no longer required to register with MOM from 1 April 2019 // Industry Workshops

The first half of 2019 (1H 2019) saw fewer fatal injuries, dangerous occurrences (DO), and occupational diseases (OD) compared to 2H 2018 or 1H 2018. The 12-month fatal injury rate has remained stable at 1.2 per 100,000 workers since 2017. In terms of absolute number, the 17 fatal injuries in 1H 2019 is the lowest number of workplace fatalities in a half-year period since fatality data was tracked. However, there has been a worrying increase in the number of major injuries since 2H 2018, which continued in 1H 2019. The 12-month major injury rate increased from 16.9 in 2H 2018 to 18.2 in 1H 2019.

6 of the 17 fatal injuries in 1H 2019 were from the Construction industry. The Construction and Manufacturing industries were the top contributors to fatal and major injuries with 66 cases each followed by the Transportation & Storage industry with 35 cases of fatal and major injuries.

The top 3 causes of fatal and major injuries in 1H 2019 were slips, trips & falls, machinery incidents and falls from height.

The 12-month OD incidence rate continued its decline from 23.8 per 100,000 workers in 1H 2017 to 15.4 in 1H 2019. The top 3 ODs were Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders, Noise Induced Deafness and Occupational Skin Diseases.

To ensure that workplace safety and health standards are maintained, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will be conducting 2,000 inspections targeting high-risk industries such as Construction, Manufacturing, and Transportation & Storage. MOM will also perform inspections in the accommodation and food services, and wholesale trade industries, which traditionally are of lower risk, but where the number of major injuries is rising.

To raise industry capabilities to better manage workplace safety and health (WSH) risks, the WSH Council would be providing free WSH consultancy services to approximately 1,200 companies with major injury records. This will be complemented by sustained and focused engagements through a series of campaigns and forums to raise public awareness on WSH risks, with priority on the four main causes of fatal and major injuries: (i) slips, trips and falls; (ii) falls from height; (iii) vehicular safety; and (iv) machinery safety.

MOM and the WSH Council urge all stakeholders to stay vigilant and ensure safe and healthy workplaces for all workers.

View the full report and infographic here

Read MOMs press release here

Construction worksites are no longer required to register with MOM from 1 April 2019

With effect from 1 April 2019, construction worksites no longer need to be registered with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This is part of the Government’s efforts to streamline business processes.

Previously, construction worksites need to register the worksite with MOM as well as apply to the Building Control Authority (BCA) for a permit to carry out structural works. Now, these worksites only need to apply for the permit from BCA. MOM will obtain the relevant worksite information from BCA.

How does this impact you:

  • If you have applied for a BCA permit for structural works to be done at your worksite, you need not register your worksite with MOM. MOM will obtain your worksite record from BCA (before approval of BCA permit), and you will receive the worksite’s workplace number by email.
  • If your worksite doesn’t need to apply for a BCA permit, you may log into the WSH e-service via CorpPass to create a non-notifiable workplace record for a workplace number for your worksite.

All construction worksites must still comply with the Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) and its subsidiary legislation such as Workplace Safety and Health (Construction) Regulations and Workplace Safety and Health (Safety and Health Management System and Auditing) Regulations.

Refer to the WSH Circular on Removal of Registration Requirements for Worksites here

Refer to the factory registration requirements here

Refer to the FAQ to obtain workplace number of worksites here


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