[GENTLE REMINDER] Issuance of Contact-Tracing Devices to Migrant Workers

20 Oct 2020

With reference to the press release by MOM dated 16 October 2020 on BluePass, ASPRI would like to gently remind our members that the current version of the BluePass tokens is NOT Intrinsically Safe (IS).

Whilst having the workers wear the BluePass tokens at all times will enable swifter and more accurate contact tracing, thereby reducing the quarantine ring in the event of C+ cases, Plant Owners and their contractors must ensure that the use of BluePass tokens is in compliance with their process plant’s prevailing health and safety requirements, similar to the use of mobile phones, which are not allowed in live plant environment.

Additionally, do note that the first batch of BluePass tokens will be issued free and employers also need not pay for any post-incident analytics used in contact tracing. More information on subsequent replacement costs will be made available in due course.