Healthcare Cost for Employees (Reminder)

In partnership with the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM), ASPRI as part of Construction, Marine and Process (CMP) sector is conducting a survey to look into the needs of Migrant Workers (MWs) using the Recreation Centres (RCs) during rest days, as well as member companies organising events at the RCs for your MWs.

The intent is to gather information on the interest and needs in utilizing the Recreation Centres to feedback to MOM for necessary improvements.

Additionally, the survey also aims to understand company’s interest in organizing events, and type of events at the RCs for your Migrant Workers.

We would appreciate your participation in this survey as it will help to shape the future of the Recreation Centres and address the needs of your Migrant Workers.

Rest assured that no individual company identity would be shared as all data will be aggregated and anonymized when presented to the government agencies.

For enquiries, please contact Sai Yann @65605051 or

We appreciate your timely response by 22 Feb 2023 (Wed), 23:59PM.

The survey will take approximately 7 minutes to complete.

We appreciate your timely response by 15 Mar 2023 (Wednesday), 12:00PM. (Please note that registration of interest does not equate to confirmation).

For enquiries, please contact Bryan Lowe @ 6560 5051 or