IMPORTANT: 50% Rebate of Annual Membership Subscription • Free Webinars • Extension of Vehicle Entry Permit for Malaysian Vehicles

31 Mar 2020

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

IMPORTANT: 50% Rebate of Annual Membership Subscription • Free Webinars • Extension of Vehicle Entry Permit for Malaysian Vehicles


The Association hopes the announcement of the one-off, 50% annual membership subscription fee rebate (FY April 2020 to March 2021) has been useful for members to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

A Credit Note was sent out earlier today, 31 March 2020, through our Xero system. Please do not regard the email from as spam. Kindly assist to inform your Finance In-Charge as well.

Important Note:
•    Members haven’t made payment: Kindly remember to make payment based on the 50% rebate
•    Members who made payment: ASPRI will do a bank transfer of the 50% rebate back to the members. Please complete the appended Direct Credit Authorisation form and email it to to facilitate the bank transfer, if not done so previously. All refund will be processed and paid out before the end of May 2020.


SCCCI is working with the government and their business partners to roll out a series of online webinars to help the SME community get through the crisis. SCCCI has kindly extended their invitation to ASPRI Members to join these webinars, conducted fully online at no financial cost.

The pipeline includes briefings on the Government’s Second Economic Stimulus Package, finance and working capital financing support from financial institutions, as well as managing crisis communications, supply chain disruptions and manpower in this crisis.

Please see below and click on the individual images for more information/ to register.
Members may also contact Ms Emelyn Wong at or 6430 8315 for enquiries and assistance.


Many Malaysian workers have chosen to remain in Singapore as Malaysia’s Movement Control Order is in force. To make it easier for them to remain here for an extended period amid the developing COVID-19 situation, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be extending the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) validity period for Malaysia-registered vehicles till 30 June this year. 

There is no need for Malaysian motorists to submit any application for this extension. They will however, need to ensure they have sufficient value in their Autopass cards for Singapore’s VEP fee, Reciprocal Road Charge (for foreign cars only), ERP charge and toll payments before driving out of Singapore. They should also update their vehicle insurance validity dates using the VEP digital service to cover the full duration of their stay in Singapore. 

Members can direct their Malaysian workers to to calculate the charges, update insurance validity and for further information.