[IMPORTANT] Phishing/Spam Email Alert

17 Feb 2021

Ref No: 170221 (3)
UEN: S97SS0046G

Please note that we were notified by one of our members that they received a phishing email misrepresenting ASPRI.

1. Circulars from ASPRI

A gentle reminder that ALL ASPRI circulars to members are sent from admin@aspri.com.sg and contains a standard format that includes the ASPRI logo, a Ref No and our UEN. No. 

If you receive an email that deviates from our standard format, it could be a phishing email and you may contact our Secretariat team at 6560 5051 to verify. Meanwhile, DO NOT open any documents attached to the mail nor click on any links.

To see a sample of a recent phishing email, please click here.

2. Emails from ASPRI Staff

Please note that the email addresses of our staff are as follow:

  • ASPRI Secretariat staff – [staff name]@aspri.com.sg
  • ASPRI-IPI staff – [staff name]@ipi.org.sg

For the list of our staff names, you may refer to our Organisation Chart here.

If you receive any emails that are not from legitimate ASPRI or ASPRI-IPI sources, please notify us immediately at 6560 5051 and we will take whatever necessary actions possible.

We seek the kind cooperation of our members to remain vigilant. Thank you.

Our Warmest Regards,

ASPRI Secretariat