[IMPORTANT REMINDER] Mandatory Assignment of Rest Days for Process Sector Workers

16 Nov 2020

ASPRI would like to gently remind members to assign Rest Days for your workers by 20 November 2020, Friday if you have yet to. Failing which, enforcement actions would commence. Please note the following:

  1. Staggered Rest Day applies to ALL Work Permit Holders and S-Pass Holders in the Construction, Marine and Process Sectors
  2. This applies to both workers staying in dormitories as well as workers staying outside dormitories. However, workers not living in dormitories will not be required to apply for an Exit Pass to leave their residence on their assigned rest day.
  3. Here is summary of Staggered Rest Day arrangement for the various work activities:
Type of Work ActivityStaggered rest day arrangement for Process IndustryRemarks
Process MaintenanceEmployer to assign rest day on Safe@work. However, Safe@Work allows selection for all days except Sunday.To assign Monday – Saturday as rest day, employers can go to https://www.mom.gov.sg/eservices/services/safe-work
To assign Sunday as the rest day, Employers would need to submit an appeal.Employer to submit an appeal via ‘MOM-EDB-ESG – Appeal for Change of Rest Day to Sunday or Rotated Rest Day (Process Sector)’ by 20 November 20201
Turnaround / ShutdownThey can rest on a different day (Mon-Sat) each week; should ask for “Rotated Rest Day” arrangementEmployer to submit an appeal via ‘MOM-EDB-ESG – Appeal for Change of Rest Day to Sunday or Rotated Rest Day (Process Sector)’ by 20 November 20201
Process ConstructionFor process construction projects that apply to BCA for restart, the project has been assigned a rest day by BCA.

All process sector account Work Permit or S-Pass holders involved in the project will rest on the project’s assigned rest day.
Assigned by BCA

1 In addition to contact details, PCM companies will be required to submit an excel file containing details of their workers‘ FIN numbers as well as names of the end client(s)/plant owner customer(s) and main contractor(s) where applicable, that the PCM company is providing routine process maintenance and/or turnaround maintenance/shift work services for. For workers involved in routine process maintenance work, the requested rest day should be “Sunday” = 7. For workers involved in turnaround maintenance or shift work, the requested rest day should be “Rotated rest day (Mon-Sat)” = 8.

If you have any further questions, please email the ASPRI Secretariat at admin@aspri.com.sg