[Important Update] AccessCode Status on SGWorkPass App

08 Jun 2020

Ref No.: 080620 (1)

UEN: S97SS0046G

Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

[Important Update] AccessCode Status on SGWorkPass App

ASPRI understands that our members have had problems utilising the SGWorkPass app and might be confused as to why the AccessCode statuses of their employees are reflected as either “Grey” or “Red”. Enterprise Singapore (ESG) has provided an update to this issue and we hope this piece of information clarifies your doubts.
Work Pass (WP) holders will be allowed to leave their residential premises for work purposes if the following criteria are met:
1.    WP holders are not under any Stay-Home Notice (SHN) or Quarantine Order (QO), been tested negative for COVID-19, or tested positive earlier but discharged afterwards
2.    WP holders are not residing in dormitories under movement restrictions, and their addresses are updated via Online Foreign Worker Address Service (OFWAS)
3.    Employers of WP holders have obtained approval from relevant lead agencies (i.e. MTI, EDB or BCA) to resume operations
If the above-mentioned criteria are met, the AccessCode status will be reflected as “Green” in the SGWorkPass app. Note that for (2), a mismatch in residence address will cause an issue.
We understand, however, that there are ground confusion over the status of workers as reflected on the SGWorkPass app particularly for workers who had already been working during the Circuit Breaker period. On this note, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has advised that if:
a.       Worker has been decanted (i.e. not staying in dorms),
b.       Worker has been working during Circuit Breaker,
c.       Worker is currently not on SH/QO, or any other movement restrictions, and
d.       Employer has MTI approval to operate since Circuit Breaker
These workers can still continue to go to work.
ASPRI encourages members to write in to MOM at mom_dormexit_ops@mom.gov.sg to inform of the issues with the status reflected on the SGWorkPass app for rectification.