Launch of the Drive Safe Work Safe Campaign

14 Sep 2018

As the second phase of the National Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Campaign, the Drive Safe, Work Safe campaign was launched on 14 Sep 2017 focusing on vehicular safety. In 2016, 22 workers were hit and killed by moving vehicles. In the first half of 2017, there were 379 injuries and seven fatalities caused by vehicle-related incidents.

At the launch, Minister of State for Manpower (MOS) Sam Tan said that although drivers were responsible for checking their blind spots before driving off, pedestrians should equally be responsible to check their surroundings when on the roads. Therefore, the WSH Council has produced a new video to highlight the issue of blind spots that drivers and pedestrians should pay attention to avoid accidents. The video is available for download from the WSH Council website and Facebook page.

MOM will also launch the “Managing Onsite Vehicular Safety” (MOVeS) programme this month to help companies improve the design of their workplaces to facilitate better traffic management. MOS Tan also encouraged employers to take initiatives to make our workplaces safe and healthy for every worker, especially through the use of technology.

WSH Council encourages companies to support this campaign by conducting senior management WSH walkabout to spot and mitigate potential vehicular hazards. Companies should also organise WSH briefings to highlight potential workplace traffic risks, good onsite and on-the-road traffic safety practices to their workers. To participate in the walkabout and WSH briefing, click here.

To view Mr Sam Tan’s speech, click here.
To view the “I Can Prevent Vehicular Accidents” video, click here.
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