Leveraging on technology and innovation to improve vehicular safety

26 Nov 2019

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Leveraging on technology and innovation to improve vehicular safety

The Vehicular Safety Learning Journey at Allied Container Services was held on 18 November 2019 as part of efforts to reinforce the importance of vehicular safety among the Logistics and Transport industry. 

Organised by Allied Container Services Pte Ltd and supported by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, the event showcased the technology and good WSH practices adopted by the company:

  • The Auto Quicklock System is an innovation that is the first of its kind in Singapore; demonstrating the company’s WSH ownership and commitment to make working conditions safer for their heavy vehicle drivers. It allows drivers to lock the container onto the trailer from within the cabin, eliminating the need for drivers to climb up and down from the cabin, thus reducing the risks of slips, trips and falls, and falls from height.
  • The B-Double Trailer consists of two trailers linked together by a fifth wheel and is currently on trial within Jurong Island. It is used by the company to address manpower issues and raise productivity as it allows one driver to move two loads concurrently. As the B-Double is 27.5m long, the company ensured safety by installing a total of nine cameras, instead of the usual four, to eliminate any blind spots. Sensors are also installed to detect oncoming traffic.
  • A Vehicular Safety Management System is also installed in their prime movers to ensure that their drivers are performing at adequate levels of alertness. Data is also collected and used to correct drivers’ behaviours and derive new preventive measures to improve their safety. With the installation of the system, the company has seen a reduction in the number of fatigue cases among their drivers.

Minister of State for Manpower and National Development, Mr Zaqy Mohamad, who was invited on the vehicular safety learning journey, commended Allied Container Services on their WSH efforts and urged the industry to follow in the company’s footsteps and take greater WSH ownership.

He shared during the visit that vehicular incidents were the second highest cause of workplace fatalities in 2018, after falls from height, and there were already 5 fatal incidents in 2019. He added MOM will be conducting another round of enforcements in March 2020. As part of the WSH Council’s continuing efforts to engage the industry, there will be an upcoming WSH Forum for the Logistics and Transport, and a new series of educational materials to help the industry manage vehicular-related risks.