ASPRI Change of Employer (CoE) Program

ASPRI ManpowerConnect - Change of Employer (CoE) Program

Updated on 04 Mar 2021:

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Association of Process Industry (ASPRI) recognise that the labour market is tight due to restricted inflow of Work Permit holders into Singapore given the global COVID-19 situation. This has resulted in more employers looking to hire existing Work Permit holders during the 40-21 day no-consent window before the Work Permit expires.

With effect from 1 March 2021, ASPRI will assist to mediate all no-consent applications. This means that ASPRI will discuss with the current employer, new employer and worker to better understand the circumstances of the no-consent transfer. The process will seek to arrive at an agreement between all parties, and ASPRI will submit its recommendation to MOM on whether the transfer should proceed. This will help to avert instances of any party being misled as to the full circumstances of the transfer and to prevent unreasonable wage inflation.

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In view of extensive border and travel restrictions due to COVID-19, the Association of Process Industry (ASPRI) has partnered with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to facilitate the matching of Process sector Work Permit holders with potential employers.

From 11 Aug 2020, this program will allow Process sector companies to hire existing Process Sector (PCM) Work Permit holders (WPHs) who are in Singapore, with the agreement of their current employers. This program will provide companies flexibility to manage their manpower needs.

Companies facing a shortage of manpower can tap on a pool of experienced WPHs (in the Process sector) and save on search and recruitment expenses. At the same time, companies that have excess manpower can transfer their WPHs to other companies more quickly, giving their WPHs the opportunity to continue working in Singapore and save on repatriation costs.

Role of ASPRI

ASPRI, supported by MOM, will help to connect employers who are looking to release their Process sector WPHs to those who are experiencing a shortage of manpower. Companies (i.e. both current and hiring employer) and the workers must mutually agree on a suitable transfer arrangement for the workers.

With ASPRI’s endorsement, MOM will allow the hiring employer to apply for a work permit for the existing WPH who is in Singapore. This service by ASPRI will be free of charge for the whole period of the program till 28 Feb 2021.

A. For Companies Looking to Release Process Sector WPHs

From 11 Aug 2020, companies with Process sector WPHs that are valid but do not need the workers. Please complete FormSG by MOM with worker’s written agreement for MOM to share personal details including skills, work experience and current salary with ASPRI and potential employers. The worker shall also give consent to be contacted by MOM or ASPRI at the mobile number provided.

MOM shall provide ASPRI the relevant information of FWs fit for change of employers. Approved available FWs will be listed in ASPRI ManpowerConnect for potential New Employers to job match and shortlist for recruitment interviews.

B. For Companies Looking to Hire Process Sector WPHs

From 19 Aug 2020, companies looking to hire existing Process sector WPHs can log on to ASPRI ManpowerConnect to perform job matching and shortlisting of potential FWs that meet the company’s requirements.

  1. Companies are required to complete the ASPRI’s Change of Employment (CoE) Declaration Form and email to with the necessary documents.
  2. Nominate company’s representative (up to 3 representatives) authorized to access ASPRI ManpowerConnect portal to perform job matching function for the sole purpose of recruiting existing PCM foreign workers in Singapore.
  3. Once the company profile is setup, login password will be sent to the company’s representatives to access into ASPRI ManpowerConnect portal.
  4. Navigate through the portal for available FW listing and to shortlist suitable FWs for interview session. Once shortlisted, ASPRI-IPI will arrange interview (via online or F2F) between the FW and the New Employer to discuss on the employment terms.
  5. Once the employment terms are agreed by both parties, the New Employer will inform ASPRI-IPI the intention to recruit and the selected FW(s) status will be updated as “Reserved” in the ASPRI ManpowerConnect portal.
  6. The selected FWs’ reserve status will update back to “Available” if the new employer fails to inform ASPRI-IPI on the submission of MOM Work Permit Online (WPOL) application (subjected to all prevailing work pass application criteria for approval) within four working days from date of reservation.
  7. The New Employer is responsible to make necessary arrangements for the accommodation of the FW(s) once WPOL is successful with MOM.

For any doubt, please refer to Annex A: MOM Comms to process companies via WPOnline and Annex B: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact ASPRI-IPI at for enquiries.