MYE Refund for Process Construction sector

There is a new COVID-19 support scheme for the Process Construction sector where EDB and ESG will administer a one-time refund of unutilized Man-Year Entitlements (MYEs) to Process Construction companies whose work have been disrupted by COVID-19.

Companies may apply for this relief measure from 14 Dec 2020 to 12 Mar 2021. There are 3 MYE Refund criteria available:

(1) Work Stoppage (Lockdown), for the period 1 Apr to 31 Aug 2020. This is for firms with MYE workers affected by the dormitory lockdown. Eligible firms will receive an email informing them of the application process by 16 December 2020.

(2) Supply Chain Disruption, for the period 1 Feb to 31 Mar 2020. This is for firms who faced disruptions in supplies of necessary materials for MYE workers to commence work. Supporting letters from suppliers/ plant owners/ main-contractors confirming the supply chain disruption are also required for the application to be considered.

(3) Workers Stuck Overseas, for the period 1 Feb to 31 Aug 2020. This is for firms with MYE workers who are unable to return to Singapore due to travel restrictions arising from COVID-19. Firms will have to submit the application with details of travel restrictions and other supporting documents, if any.

The eligible MYE refunds will be summed for the firm and will be rounded to a full year MYE if the remainder number of months to be refunded is 9 months or more. If the remainder number of months is less than 9 months, the refund will not be granted. The refunded MYE(s) will be converted to Prior Approvals (PA) with reference numbers that can be used within 1 year from the date of approval to hire new MYE workers (or renew existing workers by changing the PA type in WPOL).

For application forms and enquiries, please email to with the following information as relevant:

  • UEN
  • Company Name
  • FIN number(s)
  • MYE Refund Criteria relevant to your query
  • Query
  • Supporting documentation

For more information, please refer to the following:

Note: The email is the only main communication channel for applications and enquiries.