National WSH Campaign resources and quiz on improving employees’ health at work

29 May 2020

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

National WSH Campaign resources and quiz on improving employees’ health at work

Calling upon all in the Industry to take time to take care of their safety and health, the WSH Council has created a?microsite for this year’s National WSH Campaign with information catered for both employers and employees. Employees are encouraged to set aside time to care for their health so that they can be safe and productive at work; while employers are advised to demonstrate care for their employees, which in turn helps create a healthy workforce.

Download the Workplace Safety and Health Kits

Companies can make use of the Employer’s Kit to take steps in improving their employees’ health at work and adopt approaches in enhancing their well-being through disease and lifestyle management. Download the Care Kit for Employees which comprises educational health messages, suggested actions, and other useful resources. Companies can share the Care Kit with employees to kick-start their journey to improving and managing their health at work.

Visit the Campaign microsite here.

Download the Care Kit for Employees here and the Employer’s Kit here.    
Take the persona quiz

Companies can encourage their employees to take the persona quiz to learn more about how healthy they are at work. Employees can share their personas with co-workers and get them to join in the fun. The quiz comes with health tips and serves as a reminder to improve one’s health and lifestyle habits to prevent injuries at work.

Take the persona quiz here.

Get the latest updates and take part in Campaign activities
Employers and employees can sign up on the microsite to receive more information about the Campaign, and attend upcoming e-workshops on various health topics.