Procedure to amend Rest Days to Sunday or Rotated Rest Day

16 Dec 2020

Ref No: 161220 (1)
UEN: S97SS0046G

The Association received a number of queries on how members can change their employees’ rest day assignment.

For change in rest day between Monday to Saturday, employers can make the change in the MOM Safe@Work system if their work schedules have changed.

However, we understand that there may be a need to choose a Sunday or Rotated rest day due to changing work conditions and business needs.

If you would like to change your workers’ rest day to Sunday or to a Rotated rest day arrangement, you can submit your request to MOM at Please select the right options and upload the supporting documents as summarised below for consideration of your application.


Option to Select

  • For question 1 -> Select “I want my workers’ rest day changed to Sunday”
  • For question 4 -> Select “Services performed in residential premises, government premises or premises with restricted access on Sunday”

Documents Required

Proof to show that your clients/service buyers do not allow works to be done on Sunday (e.g. can be a letter/ email/ contract showing that your client/service buyer only allows work to be carried out on weekdays and Saturday, and no work is allowed on Sunday). The supporting documents should show your company name and the address where the services are performed at.


Option to Select

  • For question 1 -> Select “I want my workers to have rotated rest day”

Documents Required

Proof that your workers are on a rotated schedule. Please submit their employment contract showing that they are on shift work and roster for at least 1 month with the workers’ names.

Please take note that applications will only be considered if the required information and proof have been submitted, and in the correct format as stated in the application form.

Our Warmest Regards,

ASPRI Secretariat