Productivity push for Process Construction and Maintenance Sector

12 Feb 2015

The Process, Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector with the productivity council set up, will look to improve management practices  and put in place certification systems to encourage companies to adopt productivity and safety measures. The productivity council will have 3 working groups; one will support a three-year benchmarking programme which will demonstrate the benefits of productivity improvement led by ExxonMobil, second will be responsible for certification led by Shell, and the third will look at mechanisation initiatives led by Singapore Refining Company (SRC). //Extracts from Business Times

SRC has invested S$1.2m in new automatic tools that have made its plant maintenance process more productive, cutting down set-up time by 40% or 52,000 man-hours. PHOTO: SEAH KWANG PENG/THE STRAITS TIMES