28 Jun 2021

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ASPRI AGM 2021 Details

Time flies and once again, ASPRI Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021 is around the corner. This year’s AGM will be on 21 July 2021 (Wednesday), 3:30pm (please enter from 3:00pm for verification). Members are encouraged to email their proposed agendas or questions to president@aspri.com.sg no later than 5 July 2021 (Monday), 3:00pm.

Please find herein the following:

The registration for ASPRI AGM 2021 will close on 14 July 2021 (Wednesday).

Procedure for Passing Resolutions

As advised by the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020, the Passing of Resolutions are to be done virtually. This means we would require Proposers and Seconders before confirming and adopting the resolutions.

For the passing of Resolution 1: To confirm and adopt the Minutes of last AGM, the Proposers and Seconders need to be ASPRI Corporate Members who were also present in last year’s AGM. For the passing of all other resolutions, the Proposers and Seconders only need to be ASPRI Corporate Members.

If you would like to propose or second a resolution, kindly use the “Raise Hand” function in Zoom and we will temporarily allow you to speak.

Once you are allowed to speak, kindly state your name and the company you represent so we could verify your attendance in last year’s AGM.

Attractive Lucky Draw

As a gesture of appreciation and goodwill to our members, we will be conducting a lucky draw at the end of the AGM. Attendees of the AGM will automatically be eligible for the lucky draw which is worth around $15,000!

10 lucky winners will be selected to win one of the following prizes:

More details will be shared during the AGM. If you are interested in winning one of these attractive prizes, be sure to click on the register button above!

Additional Information

The Notice of ASPRI AGM 2021 has been made available on ASPRI’s website and may be accessed at the URL  https://www.aspri.com.sg/aspri-agm-2021.

Should you require further clarification, please contact our dedicated AGM hotline at 9116 4371. For all other queries, please continue to contact our office hotline at 6560 5051.

Our Warmest Regards,

ASPRI Secretariat