Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) for the Process Construction & Maintenance Sector

The Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) is part of the COVID-Safe Workforce measures to minimise transmissions at the workplace, as specified in the Advisory for a Safe and Controlled Restart of Process Construction & Maintenance (does not apply to recently COVID-recovered workers – less than 180 days from date of symptoms onset or detection of infection).

It is required in the Construction, Marine and Process sectors for:

  1. Workers staying in dormitories (PBDs/FCDs/CTQs/TOL quarters/Government-sourced decant sites);
  2. Workers who work on the production sites.

The AccessCode system will soon be updated such that workers who are required to undergo RRT but fail to do so will have a ‘Red’ AccessCode. Please refer to Employers to Ensure Workers Go Through Rostered Routine Testing for more details.

To minimise disruption to your operation, please complete the following steps for your employees as soon as possible:

  1. Schedule your workers early to secure your preferred slots and locations using the Swab Registration System (SRS). Once the workers have been scheduled under the SRS for the first time, they will be automatically scheduled for future RRT swabs until they fail to show up for a swab or there is a change in health status (e.g. identified to be COVID-positive, placed on quarantine or stay-home notice). Please email for issues using the SRS.
  2. Complete updating your worker details on MTI GoBusiness Portal, especially their production site, which should be reflected as “Work From Home”, “Office”, or “Production Site”. Workers indicated as working on the production site are required to be swabbed. Please email for further queries.
  3. Ensure your workers attend their regular swab test appointments, unless they are on quarantine, stay-home notice or 5-day medical leave.

For your convenience, solutions to commonly raised issues are included below: (Please note that “eligible workers” refer to those who fulfil criteria 1 and 2 above)

Do not have an SRS account, but need to book appointments for eligible workers.Sign up for an account here as soon as possible.  
Need help using the SRS and understanding its features.Refer to the appended SRS User Guide or click here; or refer to HPB’s SRS FAQs here.
Need to add additional eligible foreign work pass holder onto SRS account set up by SWAB @ EDB.Please submit the additional foreign work pass holder details here.
Need to submit eligible Letter of Consent (LOC) Holder details to be registered for swab appointments via SWAB @ EDB.  Please submit the LOC details here. Please refer to MOM’s website here for more details on LOC.   
Require more information on the Swab Test (eligibility, location of swab sites, process of swab test etc.)Refer to the appended Mass Swab Test FAQs or click here to view it.
Require information on the swab requirements for the construction sector.Refer to BCA’s circular here or SCAL’s page here.
For other enquiries related to the Marine and Process sectors.Please email

Additional 7-Day Testing & On-Arrival Tests for Newly Arrived Foreign Employees from Construction, Marine and Process sectors

To further reduce the risk of transmission from newly arrived migrant workers into the workplace, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) has decided to extend the post-Stay-Home Notice (SHN) 7-day testing regime to all newly arrived Work Permit and S Pass workers in Construction, Marine and Process (CMP) sectors from higher-risk countries/regions. 

Previously, only those headed to dormitories needed to be subject to the additional 7-days testing. These workers are also required to take a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test upon arrival from 5 February 2021.

For more details, please refer to the press release here.