Safe Hands Campaign 2020

19 May 2020

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Safe Hands Campaign 2020

The Safe Hands Campaign 2020, led by Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) and supported by the WSH Council, was telecast online on 19 May 2020. The Campaign was streamed through SMF’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

This year’s Safe Hands Campaign continues to emphasise the risks of hand and finger injuries at workplaces, and how these injuries can impact the lives of workers due to amputations. The Campaign reinforces the importance of building a culture of prevention in the workplace so that everyone can work in a safe environment.

Stressing on the importance of keeping our hands and fingers safe, Dr Ahmad Magad, Secretary-General at SMF, shared a Chinese saying, which literally translates into “When our hands stop, the mouth stops”. He explains: “Losing our hands or even part of them may mean the end of our livelihood.” Emphasising that safety is in our hands, he urged employers and employees to play a part in preventing accidents in the workplace. “We need to make a commitment to avoid shortcuts, to avoid taking unnecessary risks and to look out for one another,” said Dr Magad.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also served as a reminder to all that companies must set aside time to care for their employees’ health as their health can have an impact on their safety at work and put themselves or their co-workers at risk of hand and finger injuries.

Mr Douglas Foo, Chairman of the WSH Council (Manufacturing) Committee, spoke about how people must protect themselves and their fellow workers, which goes beyond keeping themselves safe from hand and finger injuries “but also in the prevention of the formation of new virus clusters” at the workplaces. He encouraged “all employers to adopt the Safe Management Measures as advised by the Ministry of Manpower.” “To help companies implement these measures,” Mr Foo said, “the WSH Council has a variety of materials available in the form of simple infographics and pictograms. These include items such as basic rules for safe distancing and basic rules for workplace hygiene.”

Participate in the Safe Hands Campaign

Pledge your company’s commitment
A total of 284 companies have pledged their commitment towards preventing hand injuries and ensuring safer work processes. Companies who wish to pledge their commitment in the Safe Hands Campaign can visit the website here.

Download resources on machinery safety and other training materials
In support of the Safe Hands Campaign 2020, the WSH Council has also put together a set of Safe Hand kits available online for the manufacturing industry, specifically for the Metalworking, Food and Beverage manufacturing, and Woodworking sectors. These kits include materials, such as photo library on best practices for machine safety, guides on safe operation of machines, and case studies.
Download the resources on machinery safety from the Safe Hands Campaign 2020 webpage here.
Learn more about how to take care of your employees’ health at work from the National WSH Campaign microsite here.