[UPDATE] COVID-Safe Workforce: Registration by 5th June 2020 for Regular Swab Tests in Early June

01 Jun 2020

Ref No.: 010620 (3)

UEN: S97SS0046G

Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Please note that this email shall supersede the earlier one sent out this morning. Please take note of the additions highlighted in yellow.

[UPDATE] COVID-Safe Workforce: Registration by 5th June 2020 for Regular Swab Tests in Early June
As part of the phased and controlled restart of the Process Construction Maintenance (PCM) sector starting 2 Jun 2020, employers must ensure that certain segments of employees undergo regular swab tests to continue working in a COVID-Safe Workforce. 

The Health Promotion Board’s online registration system is being developed for employers to book regular swabbing slots. In the interim, manual registration via the steps in this email would be required to secure slots in the first round of regular swab tests starting in early June. This exercise only applies to your PCM employees who meet ALL of the following criteria:

i)    PCM Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents/Employment Pass Holders/S Pass Holders/Work Permit Holders residing outside of dormitories, e.g. HDB, Private Residential Properties, Hotels; AND
ii)    Working on a production site, e.g. Project Managers, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Supervisors, Technicians, Operators, Craftsmen etc. working on a Process Plant production site or Contractor workshop (please do not include employees who do not work on the production site on an ongoing basis, e.g. HQ personnel, finance, admin, HR etc.); AND
iii)    Who are approved by MTI to continue working, AND
iv)    Who are not on House Quarantine Order, 5-day MC, Stay Home Notice, or Leave of Absence as at date of swab appointment. The earliest eligible day for a swab appointment is T+4, where T is the day of your registration of the employee. 

Do note that the government will waive the cost of required swab tests for PCM sector until August this year.

Please follow the steps below to register your eligible employees from 31st May till 5th June 2020:

1.    Complete the this EXCEL form for all employees who fulfil i) to iv) above. Any entries with erroneous information (e.g. faulty NRIC/FIN numbers), missing information, or which do not fulfil the criteria will be disqualified without further notice.

2.    Please rename the Excel as “DDMMM_Company Name_PCM” where DDMMYY refers to the date of submission (e.g. 31 May). Email the following documents to swab@edb.gov.sg
a.    Completed Excel Sheet (one submission per company)
b.    Screenshot of MTI’s approval to work for your company
c.    Screenshot of WPOL account with CPF number to show that your Company has a Process work pass account

3.    Please prioritise your entries. As there are limited slots available, not all requests for swabs may be granted. 

4.    A fixed appointment schedule and further instructions would be emailed to you. You would be required to communicate to your employees to attend the allocated appointments at the designated centres. Given the limited time and slots available, changes to scheduled appointments cannot be accommodated. 

5.    Employees who fail to show up for their allocated time slot will have to wait for the next available slot two weeks from now, and will not be allowed to continue working from 19 June onwards.

Further advisories on the safe restart of the sector will be up on MTI’s website at a later date. Please click here for a brief set of FAQs related to this exercise.

Thank you.