[Update] Overcoming COVID-19 Together: ASPRI Advisory on Extended Circuit Breaker

27 Apr 2020

Ref No.: 270420 (2)

UEN: S97SS0046G

Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Please note that this email shall supersede the earlier one sent out this morning.

[Update] Overcoming COVID-19 Together: ASPRI Advisory on Extended Circuit Breaker

Dear Fellow ASPRI Members,

On 21 April 2020, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced that it would extend the circuit breaker period until 1 Jun 2020. 

During the Solidarity Budget, employers are given a Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) rebate of $750 for each S Pass or Work Permit Holder (WPH) employed as of 29 February 2020. In addition, levies due to be paid in April 2020 have been waived. 

The Government will extend these measures by providing: 
1.    FWL waiver rebate of $750 for each S Pass or WPH employed as of 1 May 2020 
2.    Waiver of FWL due in the month of May 2020 

ASPRI recommends that all members continue to take care of affected foreign workers, throughout the Circuit Breaker period by; 
a)    Paying for the maintenance and upkeep of foreign workers living in dorms, with no deductions made to their accommodation, food and utilities, AND 

b)    Providing a stipend of no less than 75% of the basic monthly salary or $750. 

c)    Option to 
a.    Ask WPH to consume one week of annual leave entitlements, OR 
b.    time-bank of 25% of salary to cover overtime work after Circuit Breaker. 

Foreign workers who continue to work full-time during Circuit Breaker must be paid their prevailing salaries. 
While we understand that pay structure for companies may differ, these advisories serve to provide members with a common reference point. 

Members are encouraged to have regular communication with their workers and provide a forum for clarification. 

I am confident that, if we work as one cohesive community, together we will overcome COVID-19. 
Charles Quek
For and on-behalf of ASPRI 12th Executive Council