Updated Approach To Gradual Reopening To Phase 3 (Heightened Alert)

21 Jun 2021

Ref No: 210621 (2)
UEN: S97SS0046G

To further manage the persistence of undetected community transmission, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce has just announced its updated approach to the gradual reopening to Phase 3 (Heightened Alert). More details on the community measures can be found in Annex A.

Updated Approach to Gradual Reopening from 21 June 2021

1.   Work-from-home remains the default. Employers must ensure that employees who are able to work from home do so. There should continue to be no cross-deployment of workers to multiple worksites. More details can be found here.

2.   Higher-risk activities may be allowed to resume in group sizes of up to two persons, instead of up to five persons as previously announced.

3.   Dining in at F&B establishments will be allowed to resume in group sizes of up to two persons. The splitting of groups across multiple tables is not permitted. Recorded music will also not be allowed in F&B establishments. F&B establishments must ensure at least 1m safe distancing between groups of diners. Enforcement will be significantly stepped up and firmer enforcement action will be taken for any breaches. Patrons are to be reminded to keep masks on at all times, except when eating or drinking.

4.   Gyms and fitness studios may resume indoor mask-off sports activities in group sizes of up to two persons, and in classes of up to 30 persons including the instructor.

5.   Wedding receptions remain prohibited until mid-July 2021 as they are higher-risk activities where attendees tend to socialise more and over a longer period of time.

Targeted Support for Affected Sectors

6.   Current enhancements to the Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) for affected sectors will be extended by three weeks before being tapered down to 10% for another two weeks. More details can be found in Annex B.

Phased Roll-Out of Fast and Easy Testing (FET) Regime

7.   As announced previously, staff who work at settings with unmasked clients and patrons will be placed on a FET regime, using tests such as an Antigen Rapid Test (ART), regardless of their vaccination status. These settings include:

  • Dine-in F&B establishments
  • Personal care services that require removal of masks (e.g. facial and nail services, spas/ saunas, massage establishments, hairdressing, and make-up services)
  • Gyms and fitness studios where clients are unmasked

8.   The Government will set up programmes for companies to train supervisors to supervise ART self-swabs for their staff. These supervisor training programmes will be free for the next three months. ART kits will also be made available to establishments for these employer-supervised self-swabs. 

9.   Small businesses unable to organise supervised self-swabs on their own can visit Quick Test Centres.

10.   The regular 14-day FET requirement will be mandatory by mid-July 2021. More information on the regular FET requirements for the identified sectors will be provided by Government agencies.

Deployment of SafeEntry Gateway Check-Out Boxes

11.   SafeEntry Gateway Check-Out Boxes will also be rolled out progressively at venues with high footfall and places where individuals are likely to be in close proximity for prolonged periods with masks off. 

12.   Eligible businesses will be notified and will receive their SafeEntry Gateway Check-Out Boxes in the coming weeks. Members of the public are encouraged to perform SafeEntry check-out when leaving the premises as far as possible to facilitate more precise contact tracing efforts.

Useful Resources

13.    More details on the above measures can be found in the press release by the Ministry of Health

Our Warmest Regards,

ASPRI Secretariat