Updated on-arrival and onboarding requirements for migrant workers in the cmp sectors from 31 march 2022, 2359 hours

With effect from 31st March 2022, 2359 hours, the current country/region classifications will be removed and will be replaced by Vaccinated Travel Framework (VTF). Fully-vaccinated migrant workers arriving from the General Travel countries will no longer be required to serve a 7-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN).

Under the VTF, countries will be classified either under the General Travel or Restricted Category. As of date, all countries/regions are under the General Travel Category and no countries/regions are in the Restricted Category. 

Existing work permit holders in the Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) Sectors will not be required to obtain entry approval prior to arrival.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is reviewing the entry approval and onboarding requirements for non-Malaysian CMP work permit holders holding an In-Principle Approval (IPA). In the meantime, entry approval from MOM is still required for these workers prior to their arrival regardless of their entry lane, and they are required to meet the onboarding requirements upon arrival. For CMP work permit holders holding an IPA and entering from source countries where the Pre-Departure Preparatory Programme (PDPP) is available, the two-day PDPP requirements at source will continue to apply.

For non-Malaysian CMP work permit holders holding an IPA, they will continue to undergo the onboarding programme at the MOM’s Onboard centre for up to 4 days. S Pass and existing work permit holders in the CMP sectors will not be required to report to the Onboard centre upon arrival.

For some FAQs, you may refer to the Updated Border Measures published by MOM here. You may also refer to Annex A in the document for a summary of the revised SHN and onboarding requirements for CMP work permit holders from General Travel and Restricted countries.