Urgent Call For Safety Time Out In The Process Industry (June 2021)

18 Jun 2021

Ref No: 180621 (2)
UEN: S97SS0046G

In the month leading to 15 June 2021, there were 8 deaths from workplace accidents, across several industries. This is an alarming spate, which is more than double the pre-Covid level. The WSH Council has called on industry partners to conduct a Safety Time Out (STO) to review their risk management processes and emphasise to employees to uphold WSH practices.

ASPRI is deeply concerned and is responding to this call by urging all members to conduct a STO at their workplaces, in the week of 28 June to 2 July.

If your company wishes to participate in the STO, please click on the blue button below to complete a very short form latest by 25 June (Friday). The responses will be passed on to WSH Council for them to evaluate the level of industry participation.

For examples on how to implement the STO, please refer to the following list: 

For Top Management

  • To do a walk-about on site to engage workers, and remind them of WSH practices, as a way of showing care.
  • To consult the company’s WSH committee /officers / coordinators on the key WSH risks in the company, and how these risks are being mitigated.
  • To request a review of the risk control measures, if necessary.

For WSH Personnel

  • Assessing whether the control measures in the company’s Risk Assessment are being implemented.
  • Identifying any new risks that were not factored into the Risk Assessment and devising control measures to mitigate these risks.
  • Reviewing the list of recent WSH Alerts on fatal accidents to ensure that those risks are minimised as much as possible in your workplace.
  • Hold workshops or meetings with employees to recap basic site safety, and how employees can play a part in upholding good WSH standards.

Additional Resources

For guidance with carrying out the STO, you can refer to WSH Council’s resources, including a Safety Time Out checklist, which can be found on the WSH Council’s website

Here are other Checklists which you may find useful for your STO:

Spread the Word through Social Media!

The Association and WSH Council also encourages our members to spread the word about this initiative. If your company is participating in the STO, what other great way to encourage others to join than uploading photos to raise awareness?

Use #TakeTimeToTakeCare and upload photos of your colleagues and employees observing good practices on your company’s website and social media.

Campaign Website: https://taketimetotakecare.sg

ASPRI looks forward to a safer resumption of activities with this STO. Together, we can prevent all injuries and ill-health at the workplace.

Our Warmest Regards,

ASPRI Secretariat