Woodworking Sector: Amputations in Woodworking // Industry Workshops

08 Nov 2019

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Woodworking Sector: Amputations in Woodworking // Industry Workshop

Within the Manufacturing sector, Woodworking is one of the sub sectors with higher incidences of injuries leading to amputations. Such injuries often involve the use of machinery like bandsaws and circular saws. Inspection findings from the Ministry of Manpower conducted in 2018 revealed that the common contraventions include the lack of machine guarding, failure in implementing lock-out procedures during maintenance and repair, and inadequate risk assessments done.

The WSH Council encourages all employers, especially in the Woodworking sector, to Take Time to Take Care of their workers’ safety and health by putting in place the necessary preventive measures to reduce workplace risks.

Read the full article here for past amputations cases in the Woodworking sector and the recommended preventive measures that employers can put in place.


Legislation Workshop on the WSH (Construction) Regulations

Understand the intent and application of the provisions in the WSH (Construction) Regulations and what are its common misconceptions.

Date:    4 December 2019 (Wednesday)
Time:    9:00am – 5:00pm
Venue:  SISO Academy, 167 Jalan Bukit  Merah, #02-13, Connection One, Tower 5, Singapore 150167

Get more information here.

Engineering Safety in Lorry Crane Operations Workshop

Understand the legal and safety requirements for lorry crane operations through this interactive workshop. Learn how safety can be engineered and see the role of a lorry crane operator from a different perspective.

Date:    5 December 2019 (Thursday)
Time:    9:00am – 5:00pm
Venue:    Wong Fong Academy, 79 Joo Koon Circle, Singapore 629107

Get more information here.