Workplace Safety and Health publications // Bringing WSH to your doorstep – WSH Council’s Roving WSH Exhibits

Workplace Safety and Health Publications

WSHC produces publications in collaboration with industry partners to promote safer and healthier workplaces. The latest publications below, and the full list of publications can be found on the WSH Council website here.

New Publications

WSH Guidelines for Tent-Related Works (Mandarin)

The WSH Guidelines for Tent-Related Works is published to address all tent-related hazards in a holistic,safe and healthy manner. It was drafted in consultation with the WSH Council (Tentage Safety) Working Group. Some of the key work activities covered are warehouse storage, transportation of materials, erecting and dismantling of tent structures and handling of electrical installations.

To download a copy, click here.

Guide to Near Miss Reporting

A near miss is an unplanned event that did not result in any injury, illness or damage but had the potential to do so. If unchecked, near misses can cause devastating consequences. The Guide to Near Miss Reporting was developed to provide guidance on reporting near misses. It also illustrates how tracking near misses and good practices encourage employees to participate in near miss reporting.

To download a copy, click here.

WSH Guidelines on Management of IAQ in Air-Conditioned Workplaces

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important subject in our lives as we spend a substantial amount of our time indoors. Good IAQ is therefore essential to ensure the health and wellbeing of all people in these indoor environments. The WSH Guidelines on Management of IAQ in Air-Conditioned Workplaces was developed to recognise the need for practical guidance in the management of IAQ in buildings and/or workplaces.

To download a copy, click here.

Bringing WSH to your doorstep – WSH Council’s Roving WSH Exhibits

To help you bring this year’s campaign message “Prevent all injuries, Go home safe and healthy” to your workplace, the WSH Council has various sets of WSH exhibits available for loan to support your in-house WSH Campaigns and outreach.

WSH Exhibits on Workplace Safety and Health (2014)

This set of interactive exhibits touches on key workplace health topics such as musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor office ergonomics and manual handling as well as first aid procedures when working with hazardous chemicals. An integrated approach to managing safety, health and wellbeing in the workplace, or Total Workplace Safety and Health is also introduced in one of the panels to communicate the main benefits and implementation of Total WSH.

WSH Exhibits for Traditional Sector (2013)

This interactive set of interactive exhibits aims to educate employers and employees on common hazards found in traditional sectors. They include forklift safety, safe storage, landscape and kitchen safety, cleaning and custodial services and slips, trips and falls. This set of exhibits also includes a video panel that features various case studies on past work accidents.

WSH Exhibit for Traditional Sector (2012)1

This interactive exhibit for employees and employers in the traditional sectors focuses on common hazards areas including work at heights, ladder safety, roof works, confined space, safe loading of vehicles, hearing safety, safe lifting operations, traffic management and chemical safety.

1Traditional sector refer to Construction, Marine and Chemical Industries.

Safety Starts With Me Compettion Showcase 2016

Riding on the theme “I can prevent all injuries and be healthy at work”, the annual Safety Starts With Me Competition aims to spread the WSH message to a wider community. Into its 8th year, the competition consists of four categories – Creative Story Writing, Creative Photography, Poster Drawing as well as Animation and Short Film.

To find out how you can bring WSH exhibits to your workplace, please contact
Ms Kev Theresa Lee at or call 6692 4989