Changes to the Jurong Island Bus Service (JIBS)

17 Apr 2018

Ref No.: 170418 (1)

UEN: S97SS0046G

Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Changes to the Jurong Island Bus Service (JIBS)

On behalf of JTC, we would like to inform you on the changes to the Jurong Island Bus Service (JIBS).

JTC’s existing contract for the Jurong Island Bus Service (JIBS) expires in July 18, and they are in the midst of calling tender for a new contract. As JTC have reiterated during various engagement platforms (e.g. SORT/TORT, JI Community Seminar, networking events), the JIBS ridership remains very low today since the JI companies are slow to switching over to JIBS despite the substantially enhanced service since July 2015. The lack of critical mass has resulted in JTC incurring a cost subsidy of up to $20 per passenger, which is not sustainable.

To better manage and optimise resources, please be informed that JTC will making 2 changes to JIBS:

  1. JTC will remove ALL JIBS off-peak fixed schedule trips from end July 2018, and replace it with on-demand bus services (ODBS).
  • Currently during off-peak hours, buses run on fixed schedules and ply unnecessarily long routes, while serving an average of only 5 persons per bus.
  • The new ODBS will operate within JI and only up to JI checkpoint.

Through a booking system, commuters will be able to request pick-ups/drop-offs from JI companies’ main entrances or from the JI checkpoint.

The flexible routings and timings will offer a shorter waiting time and more convenience than the fixed bus routes today.

However, this also means during off-peak hours, commuters going into/out of JI will need to take public bus 98 to/from JI Checkpoint.

  • Between late April to July 2018, JTC will be conducting a trial of ODBS in order to socialise commuters to the new model. During the trial period, some of the existing off-peak fixed schedule trips may be removed.

2. JTC will also adjust the existing fixed schedule of JIBS peak hour trips from end July 2018.

More details on the above will be conveyed to the Jurong Island Community in due course.

We seek your cooperation to share the above information to your employees, and your support and understanding as JTC make the transition to the new JIBS contract.