Companies raise over S$500,000 to plant 30,000 trees on Jurong Island

02 Nov 2019

The Process, Construction and Maintenance (PCM) Industry has remained a key supporting pillar to the Jurong Island ecosystem and an integral part of the island’s community. Hence, when presented with an opportunity to be part of the initiative to green Jurong Island, we knew ASPRI had to be part of it.

With about 500 member companies, ASPRI aimed to achieve ‘one member one tree’ so that each of our members can play a role in this inclusive campaign. Together as one, ASPRI has successfully raised over $100,000 towards planting 30,000 trees on Jurong Island over the next three years, making it a pleasant place for everyone.

ASPRI would like to thank our members as this could not have been possible with their support.

Photo from JTC Corporation, NParks

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