Management of Jurong Island Pass – Online Pass System (OPS)

31 Jan 2019

Ref No.: 310119 (1)

UEN: S97SS0046G

Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Management of Jurong Island Pass – Online Pass System (OPS)

Since March 2018, Jurong Island (JI) passes will be de-activated if there are no movement into JI,

  • within 90 days for Singaporeans (NRIC card holders) and;
  • within 30 days for work-permit holders (all other ID types).

With the start of the new year, ASPRI would like to re-cap on the following 2-ways in which Company Main Account (CMAs) and Company Sub Account (CSAs) can manage this new way forward.

1. Using the Online Pass System (OPS)

Prior to entry to JI, personnel can contact CMA representative to carry out re-activation in the OPS. The CMA would have received a system-generated email notification to inform on the pass that has been de-activated, and the instructions for them to carry out the re-activation process.

  • CSAs who are given OPS account access are also able to re-activate their pass in the system by themselves.
  • Re-activation can only be done upon de-activation and not before it has been de-activated.

(For more information, kindly refer to illustrative step-by-step guide User Guide attached.)

2. Pass Office Counter

  • Affected personnel have to enter JI personally and head to the Pass Office Counter to carry out the re-activation.
  • Personnel going in personally are advised to expect queues with corresponding waiting times.