Process Sector Specific SMM requirements

ASPRI would like to share with you on the Ministry of Manpower’s Require for Safe Management Measures(SMM) at the workplace.
In addition, Process sector companies are to adhere to the following sector specific SMMs i.e. Requirements for Vessels Arriving in the Port Of Singapore during COVID-19 for Process Terminals / Marine and Process Waterfront Facilities Accepting Vessels and C+/Ag+ Incident Management involving NTL Crew, under the Process construction & maintenance (PCM) sector. 

1. Records and documents required under the Workplace Safety and Health (COVID-19 Safe Workplace) Regulations 2021 
Examples (non-exhaustive): 
    a) Personnel entry records including vaccination status 
    b) Inspection of masks wearing compliance when indoors 
    c) Inspection of safe distance in mask-off settings 
    d) Adherence to prevailing permitted group size and permitted percentage of workforce on site 
    e) Correction actions from SMOs regular inspections/checks 
2. Site Occupiers/Premises Owners can, at its own discretion, stipulate additional SMM for their workers, contractors or visitors to adhere to. Companies are encouraged to incorporate best practice SMM to reduce worksite transmission in their system of SMM and/or Business Continuity Plan(BCP). This is to minimise business disruption should situation worsens. 
3. A BCP Best Practice Guide for Process sector companies will be published in the MTI COVID GoBusiness website – Sector Specific requirements, when it is available. The practices stated in the BCP Best Practice Guide e.g. COVID-19 Incident Response Management Plan, are not mandatory. Companies are encouraged to review and incorporate appropriate best practices in their system of SMM and/or BCP that would reduce worksite transmission risk at their own discretion and resources.