Updates to Advisory on Safe Management Measures for Workers on Employer-Provided Transportation

29 Dec 2020

Ref No: 291220 (1)
UEN: S97SS0046G

In line with the commencement of Phase 3 from 28 December 2020, the Ministry of Manpower and Land Transport Authority has issued an updated advisory on Safe Management Measures for Workers on Employer-Provided Transportation.
Key points in the advisory include:
The 25% reduction in Maximum Passenger Capacity (MPC) allowable will no longer apply. This means that each lorry or van with a clear deck area can carry up to the maximum number of workers stated on their MPC label.
However, employers, transport providers and drivers are to ensure that workers ferried on any employer-provided transportation (e.g. private buses, vans and lorries) continue to adhere to the following:

  • All workers wear a mask at all times while seated in the motor vehicle.
  • Workers should not talk or interact at all times while on the motor vehicle.
  • Employers must also arrange private transportation for workers staying in dormitories* to commute to and from their workplaces, and with no other passengers.

* This refers to Purpose-built Dormitories, Factory-converted Dormitories, Construction Temporary Quarters, Temporary Living Quarters, Quarters on Temporary Occupation Licence Sites and Government-provided accommodation facilities. This excludes private residential premises and HDB flats.
For more information, please refer to the advisory here. Thank you.

Our Warmest Regards,

ASPRI Secretariat