Covid-19: Updated Guidance On SMM For Companies

07 Jun 2021

Ref No: 070621 (2)
UEN: S97SS0046G

To further safeguard the health of everyone, there is an updated guidance on additional Safe Management Measures (SMM) by Enterprise Singapore (ESG). This is to be adopted on top of the minimum standards specified in the national and sectoral measures.  

Key things to note: 

  1. [Test] Place employees on regular testing using alternative tests
  2. [Trace] Manage COVID-19 cases proactively
  3. [Vaccinate] Encourage your workers to be vaccinated as soon as it is made available to them
  4. Enforce mask discipline 
  5. Avoid workplace gatherings 
  6. Ventilate your workplace

To read more on the entirety of the Updated SMM Guidance, please click here.

The Association seeks your cooperation in sharing this information with your colleagues and employees. Thank you for your effort in the fight against Covid-19.