MPA’s Stepped-Up SMM At Waterfront Facilities • EDB’s Requirements For Tracking Crew Movements

29 Jul 2021

Ref No: 290721 (1)
UEN: S97SS0046G

MPA’s Stepped-up SMM at Waterfront Facilities

The Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has recently stated that several harbour crafts have tested positive for COVID-19 despite the Safe Management Measures (SMM) in place. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, MPA would like to remind all waterfront facility owners, managers and operators to ensure that:

a. All long-term pass holders (LTPH) who are harbour craft crew and do not have a registered residential address in Singapore and are on board harbour craft berthed at the waterfront facility/marina:

  1. Remain on board at all times and are not permitted to go ashore or leave the premise, unless with the permission of the MPA. This applies to all activities, including replenishment of provisions and stores. All provisions and stores must be supplied to the harbour craft by their respective harbour craft operators, so that they do not disembark to purchase or collect provisions and stores.
  2. Inform MPA when any LTPH has to disembark and go ashore in an emergency situation where the MPA’s permission cannot be obtained in time.
  3. If given permission to disembark, may enter Singapore via West Coast Pier or Marina South Pier, and is always escorted from the time of disembarkation from the harbour craft until the return to the harbour craft. The escorting person shall be an employee or appointed contractor of the harbour craft licence holder but not another LTPH who is not permitted to go ashore.

b. All foreign crew onboard ocean-going vessels, including yachts, and are on board vessels berthed at the waterfront facility / marina are by default placed under “Not-To-Land” status, and shall:

  1. Remain on board at all times and are not permitted to go ashore or leave the premise, unless their “Not-To-Land (NTL)” statuses are suspended/cancelled by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).
  2. Follow the shore leave conditions as stipulated in the relevant Port Marine Circulars if they are approved to go for shore leave.

Please ensure that all crew on board any vessel (regardless of whether it is a harbour craft or an ocean-going vessel) berthed alongside your waterfront facility are aware that they are not allowed to come ashore, unless permission has been given. Waterfront facilities must ensure that their security personnel are briefed on and are clear of the requirements set out in this e-mail and to prevent any breaches. They must also ensure that their security personnel do not allow any foreign crew to exit the waterfront facility without MPA’s permission.

Suitable security measures should be implemented to conduct checks in ensuring full compliance of the prevailing COVID-19 rules and regulations. Please also ensure that the crew on board the vessels / craft berthed at their waterfront facilities do not mingle with each other at all times, even when they do not go ashore but their vessels / craft are berthed in vicinity of each other.

Appropriate enforcement action will be taken against persons who fail to comply with the requirements set out in this e-mail.

EDB’s Requirements for Tracking Crew Movements

Reinforcing MPA’s above advisory, the Singapore Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB) states that all EDB / ESG-managed shipyards and waterfront facilities must comply with the stepped up measures with immediate effect.

EDB requires your shipyard / waterfront facility to submit your security plan to track any crew movements at all times from their vessel to shore and vice versa. Shipyard / Waterfront facility is to map out all possible means for any crew to come onshore and to show photos of the access control system and landing points.

Please submit the required information and documents e.g. shipyard / waterfront facility layout(s) showing the landing points and security plan on the management of crew movements within your shipyard by 5 August 2021 to

Our Warmest Regards,

ASPRI Secretariat