Omicron Enhanced Test Regime for Arriving NTL Crew (as at 23 December 2021)

With effect from 27 December 2021, 2359 hours, the enhanced on-arrival test regime for arriving Not-To-Land (“NTL”) crew is as follows:
a) On Arrival PCR Swab Test on board ships: Day 1
b) 7 Antigen Rapid Tests1 (ART): Day 2-7 and Day 10
c) Shore-based personnel can board the ship for work if the following requirements are met:
     i. After the NTL crew are tested C- for the On Arrival PCR Swab Test
      ii. From day 2: After NTL crew are tested Ag- for that day if there is an ART requirement (Day 2 – 7 and Day 10).
d) If at any time NTL crew is unwell or tested Ag+/C+, shore-based personnel are not allowed to board the ship.

All ART must be supervised either by ship master or ship agent. Ship master / Ship agent will submit a one-time written declaration that all crew are well and did all required supervised self-swab ART properly, along with photo records of ART results, to the shipyards’ Safe Management Officer(SMO) for review and kept for 28 days before records are allowed to be disposed.

If any crew is tested Ag+, the ship master/ship agent must notify MPA, Port Health Section and shipyards’ SMO within 30mins after the Ag+ result is known.

Ships under the Emergency Repairs framework are exempted from Pre-Arrival criteria as stipulated in the prevailing Mandatory Precautionary Measures. However, ship’s crew are subjected to the on-arrival test regime as follows:
a) PCR Swab Test on board ships: Day 1 and Day 10

Shore-based personnel shall only board the ship under the Emergency Repairs framework to work after all crew have tested PCR negative on Day 10. Contactless repair works can still be carried out once ship is safely berthed in shipyard.

For more details, please refere here.