Safety Timeout Conducted by ASPRI Members

There has been a recent worrying spate of workplace fatalities across various industries, with 10 in April 2022 alone. This brings the total number of workplace fatalities in 2022 to 20 in early May 2022, higher than the number of fatalities for the same period since 2016.

In view of the Call For Members To Conduct Safety Time Out by ASPRI and WSHC between 9 May and 20 May 2022, ASPRI is pleased to feature three (3) member companies that have committed their time and resources to conducting the Safety Timeout.

You may view the individual reports here:

1. CYC International Pte. Ltd.
2. FRP Products Co., Pte. Ltd.
3. VinDes Engineering Pte Ltd

ASPRI would like to remind all members to be careful and stay safe in your workplace.