Safety Timeout – CYC International Pte. Ltd.

CYC International Pte. Ltd. Safety Timeout Write-Up

The Safety Time Out is a Timey Reminder to us, both the management and workers that Safety at the workplace cannot be compromised and should be diligently carried out at all times during course of work, be it at the start, during the activities even after the work is completed for the day.

Supervisors have a VITAL role to play during the course of work as they are able to see all angles and the type of activities carried out and look out for potential hazards both on the worksite and workers performing the tasks on hand. They should adopt a listening skill and do not assume feedback from workers are not important to be ignored.

Workers have to be constantly reminded of the hazards during toolbox talk on the actual work activity to be carried out for the day so that they are aware and mindful when they perform the activities.

Communication is one of the key factor to a safe work environment and it has to be two-way where workers should be encouraged to speak up and not be ignored.