Support Measures For Businesses And Individuals For Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

31 May 2021

Ref No: 310521 (1)
UEN: S97SS0046G

As announced last Friday afternoon, the Government will be rolling out enhanced support measures to support businesses and individuals who are significantly impacted by restrictions during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

In particular, enterprises should note the following: 

Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) 

  • JSS has been enhanced for significantly affected sectors from 16 May to 13 June (Refer to Annex A in link for details on supported sectors). 
  • Businesses that are significantly affected by the tightened measures and would like to appeal for enhanced JSS support may do so at

Rental support 

  • Rental relief will be provided to SMEs and eligible NPOs with an annual revenue of <$100m, who are tenant-occupiers of qualifying commercial properties. (Refer to Annex B in link for eligible properties). 
  • For government-owned commercial properties, one month rental relief will be provided for qualifying tenants. 
  • For privately-owned commercial properties, IRAS will disburse a 0.5 month rental relief cash payout directly to qualifying tenants as part of the new Rental Support Scheme (Refer to Annex C in link for details of the scheme). 
  • Property owners who run an SME businesses or an eligible NPO on their qualifying commercia property are also eligible for the Rental Support Scheme.  
  • Most qualifying tenants and owner-occupiers will receive the cash payout automatically. The cash payout will not be disbursed automatically to tenants who only rent part of a property, or to tenants who rent a mixed-use property (e.g. a shophouse for both retail and residential use), and/or to licensees. Such businesses should submit an application to IRAS, and provide supporting documents. IRAS will provide more details of the Rental Support Scheme and application process on its website by mid-June 2021

You may refer to the following infographics for more details.