Support Package To Help Workers And Businesses During Phase Two (Heightened Alert)

26 Jul 2021

Ref No: 260721 (3)
UEN: S97SS0046G

In view of the tightened Safe Management Measures from 22 July 2021 through 18 August 2021 (inclusive), the Government has released a support package to cushion the impact on workers and businesses. Please find the full details of the package here.

Infographics are also appended at the bottom of this circular for your easy reference.

Enhanced Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) for Affected Sectors

  • From 22 July to 18 August 2021: 
    • JSS enhanced to 60% for sectors where the tightened measures require them to suspend many, if not all, of their activities (e.g. F&B businesses, gyms, fitness studios, performing arts organisations and arts education centres)
    • JSS enhanced to 40% for sectors that are significantly affected by the restrictions (e.g. retail, affected personal care services, tourist attractions, licensed hotels, cruise and regional ferry operators, MICE organisers, travel agents, museums, art galleries, cinema operators and other family entertainment centres)
  • From 19 August to 31 August 2021: 
    • JSS tapered to 10% for both groups of businesses 
  • More details on the JSS enhancements for affected sectors can be found here

Rental Relief for Commercial Properties

  • Additional 4-week rental waiver for qualifying tenants on Government-owned commercial properties
  • Additional 2-week rental relief cash payout for qualifying* tenant-occupiers and owner-occupiers of privately-owned commercial properties under the Rental Support Scheme (RSS); more details to be made available on the Inland Revenue Authority Singapore (IRAS) website
  • To ensure fair burden sharing, the Government is looking to require sharing of rental obligations between the Government, landlords and qualifying tenants; more details to be announced by the Ministry of Law in due course

*Small and Medium Enterprises and eligible Non-Profit Organisations with an annual revenue not exceeding $100 million, who are tenant-occupiers or owner-occupiers of qualifying commercial properties, will be eligible for rental relief.

Extension of Food Delivery Booster Package / Continuation of E-Commerce Booster Package

  • The Food Delivery Booster Package will be reintroduced to defray part of food delivery costs via food delivery platforms and third-party logistics partners for transactions made from 22 July to 18 August 2021
  • The E-commerce Booster Package (available till 16 November 2021) will provide support for local retailers to get on-board local e-commerce platforms


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