Webinar Invite – Introduction To Dust Explosion Protection (IEC 60079-0 & SS667)

26 Jul 2021

Ref No: 260721 (2)
UEN: S97SS0046G

TÜV SÜD Singapore has cordially invited ASPRI members to attend their webinar titled, “Introduction to Dust Explosion in Accordance to IEC 66079-0 and SS667” which is happening on 30 July 2021 (Friday) at 2:30pm.

Dust explosion is catastrophic and when it happens, it surprises everyone. Many don’t realize that the once assumed harmless powder present in production plants can become a fuel source to trigger much destruction, economic damage and even the loss of lives.

This webinar sets out requirements and recommendations to help in the prevention of fires and explosions through systematic approaches of analysing dust hazards, and implementation of appropriate control measures to eliminate or mitigate the explosion risks. The Singapore code of practice SS667 will be referenced and practical examples of common process equipment will also be presented to assess explosion risks during this webinar.

For more details on speakers, please click here.

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  • Aid companies in the assessment of dust fire and explosion hazards
  • Learn how to mitigate dust fire and explosion hazards through topics of equipment/process control measures, elimination of ignition sources and minimizing damage
  • Understand comprehensive procedures on the handling, storage and processing of combustible dust to prevent and mitigate fires and dust explosions in facilities handling such materials. 
  • Learn about the different tests involved in dust combustibility.  


  • Hazard Identification & Dust Hazard Analysis
  • Hazard management of process equipment (prevention & mitigation)
  • Dust powder storage requirements: guidelines, industry best practices and threshold storage quantities of selected powder types
  • Standards and referring to SS 667 for the Singapore context
  • Q&A session


  • Industries that process, store or handle combustible dusts (e.g Food Processing, Woodworking, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Specialty Chemicals, Logistics) 
  • Additive Manufacturing Companies
  • Institutes of Higher Learning
  • Research Establishments
  • Agencies and Regulators

Our Warmest Regards,

ASPRI Secretariat