Fullerton Healthcare Group Familycare Programme 

ASPRI is pleased to inform our members that we have partnered with Fullerton Healthcare Group (FHG), who aim to provide affordable and accessible care for you and your family through the FamilyCare programme!

Enroll your family members(No age limit and number of family members) to enjoy preferred rates for their Telemedicine and other healthcare services!

To register for the FamilyCare Programme, kindly click on the link here. ASPRI members can use the registration code “FCASPRI23” to register for the Programme. 

For more information and/or to register for the FamilyCare Programme, kindly refer to the FHG Family Care Brochure. 

For any queries, kindly contact FHG Medical Concierge at 6715 6407 or via email at familycare@fullertonhealth.com