Overcoming COVID-19 Together: Updates on Safe Restart for PCM Sector

29 Jun 2020

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Overcoming COVID-19 Together: Updates on Safe Restart for PCM Sector

Extension of FWL waiver and rebate
As part of the Fortitude Budget, the PCM sector received a 100% foreign worker levy (FWL) waiver and a $750 FWL rebate in June, as well as a 50% FWL waiver and $375 FWL rebate in July. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) and the Ministry of National Development (MND) announced on 27th June (Saturday), that the Government will extend FWL rebates till end 2022 for the Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process sectors. From August 2020, firms in these sectors will receive a $90 FWL rebate monthly for each Work Permit Holder, until December 2021. Please click here for more details.
Note: Closer to December 2021, the Government will decide if there is a need to further extend the FWL rebate by another year to December 2022.
Government to continue bearing swab tests costs
In the previous Economic Development Board (EDB) advisory on Safe Restart for PCM on 1 June 2020, it was mentioned that the Government would pay for the periodic swab test for the PCM sector, up to August 2020. MOM, MTI and MND have also announced that the Government will now continue to bear the costs of COVID-19 swab tests for the PCM sector until 31 March 2021. The EDB advisory has been updated to reflect this development.

Upcoming Support Package for PCM sector
EDB and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) are also working on a support package to help the PCM sector with compliance costs for Safe Restart. More details will be shared on a later date.

In addition to the aforementioned support measures, there have also been minor updates to the following:
Appeals to increase manning levels for regular maintenance
For appeals to increase manning levels for regular maintenance, PCM companies should now apply for general exemption on the MTI GoBusiness website, indicating details of the plant owner or customer it is supporting with the increased manpower, instead of jointly applying to EDB with the plant owner.
COVID-Safe Restart Criteria for E&C plant owners & PCM companies
The COVID-Safe Restart Criteria for both E&C plant owners and PCM companies have been updated to align with the latest MOM workplace requirements (e.g. workplace split teams and staggered work, TraceTogether). The requirement to keep briefing and team sizes to 10 people have also been removed; although companies should continue to keep briefing groups and teams small.
Note: Updates are marked “updated 27 June” in red.
New FAQs on SafeEntry, TraceTogether and dorm workers
There are new FAQs on SafeEntry, TraceTogether and the issue of whether dorm workers are allowed to walk, cycle or take private hire vehicles/taxis to work. The FAQs may be found here.