The PCM DRI is developed for SMEs in the PCM Industry which includes but not limited to the following crafts & services



-Painting & Blasting

-Welding, Testing & Inspection


-Electrical & Instrumentation

-Plant Civil

At the moment, the DRI is curated mainly for companies in the PCM Industry. If you are not in the PCM Industry, this DRI may not be the most relevant for you. 

Alternatively, you may wish to use CTO-as-a-Service by IMDA as the one-stop platform to find out your digital readiness and access resources to help your company go digital.

As the score generated from this exercise will be used for industry benchmarking, please note that each company will only be able to choose 1 (one) representative for this DRI exercise.

We would like to suggest that said representative is an individual who has broad oversight of the company’s operations and strategy.

However, we understand that different business units within each organisation may offer invaluable insights through varying perspectives.

After this session, should you want more representatives to do the exercise for varied perspectives internally, we will be more than glad to schedule a separate session.